党建引领聚协力 ,结对共建谱新篇 。

为深入学习贯彻党的二十大精神 ,一连推进党建与教育事业生长深度融合 ,进一步施展党建引领作用、增进党建优势互补 ,打造下层党组织间协同建设、配合前进的优异模式 ,克日 ,郑州龙湖一中党委副书记牛建勋一行莅临我校 ,开展党建结对共建事情推进会 。我校党支部书记杨滨瑜及全体党员干部加入本次聚会会议 。

Party building leads the aggregation force, and pairs together to build a new chapter.

In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue to promote the deep integration of party building and education development, further play the leading role of party building, promote complementary advantages of party building, and create a good model for collaborative construction and common progress among grassroots party organizations, recently, Niu Jianxun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Longhu No.1 Middle School, and his delegation visited our school to hold a meeting to promote party building pairing and co construction work. Our school’s party branch secretary Yang Binyu and all party members and cadres participated in this meeting.

推进会上 ,双方就怎样进一步增强党建事情举行深入交流和探讨 ,明确共建的目的和使命 ,制订详细的相助妄想 。杨书记首先对牛书记一行的到来体现热烈的接待 ,并体现自开展党建结对共建以来 ,两 F鹁⑻剿鞯辰ü步ㄓ杏猛揪 ,实现优质资源共享 ,以后也将着重围绕党员教育培训、党建运动开展、校园文化建设等方面睁开相助 ,配合打造具有特色的党建品牌 ,提升两校在党建事情上的影响力和招呼力 。

At the promotion meeting, both sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to further strengthen party building work, clarify the goals and tasks of joint construction, and formulate specific cooperation plans. Secretary Yang first warmly welcomed the arrival of Secretary Niu and his delegation, and stated that since the implementation of paired party building, the two schools have actively explored effective ways of party building and shared high-quality resources. In the future, they will also focus on cooperation in party member education and training, party building activities, campus cultural construction, and other aspects, jointly building distinctive party building brands, and enhancing the influence and appeal of the two schools in party building work.

牛书记会前实地旅行了再起长廊党建文化墙和党史主题教育展板 ,对我校党建事情的扎实开展体现赞赏,并强调两校以后要深入推进交流互动 ,将党建事情与学校教育教学事情细密团结 ,着力提升结对共建实效 ,推动党建质量、育人效果、事业生长取得周全前进 。

Before the meeting, Secretary Niu visited the Renaissance Corridor Party Building Cultural Wall and Party History Theme Education Exhibition Board on site, expressing appreciation for the solid development of our school’s Party building work, and emphasizing that the two schools should deepen communication and interaction in the future, closely integrate Party building work with school education and teaching work, focus on improving the effectiveness of paired construction, and promote comprehensive progress in the quality of Party building, educational effectiveness, and career development.

别的 ,通过此次结对共建 ,两校也将在教育教学、科研立异等方面睁开相助与交流 ,通过开展西席互访、学生交流等运动 ,增进两校师生之间的友谊与相识 ,共 同推动教育事业的前进与生长 ,为作育更多优异人才涤讪坚实基础 。

In addition, through this pairing and joint construction, the two schools will also cooperate and exchange ideas in education, teaching, scientific research and innovation. Through activities such as teacher visits and student exchanges, we will enhance friendship and understanding between teachers and students of the two schools, jointly promote the progress and development of the education industry, and lay a solid foundation for cultivating more outstanding talents.

不忘教育初心 ,切记育人使命 ;

围绕教学抓党建 ,抓好党建促教育 。

本次党建结对共建事情推进会 ,不但加深了两校之间的友谊与相助 ,也为我校进一步做好党建事情提供了名贵的履历和启示 。我校将继续发挥党的优良古板和作风 ,一直增强党建事情立异和实践探索 ,坚持党建引领 ,立异事情思绪 ,进一步提升学校党建水平 ,为推动学校高质量生长作出更大的孝顺 。

Never forget the original intention of education and keep in mind the mission of educating people;

Focusing on teaching and promoting party building, we will focus on promoting education through party building.

This party building pairing and co construction promotion meeting not only deepened the friendship and cooperation between the two schools, but also provided valuable experience and inspiration for our school to further improve party building work. Our school will continue to carry forward the fine traditions and style of the Party, continuously strengthen innovation and practical exploration in Party building work, adhere to Party building guidance, innovate work ideas, further improve the level of Party building in the school, and make greater contributions to promoting high-quality development of the school.

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