年检促优 笃行致远丨中原区教育局年检事情组莅临我校检查指导年检事情



年检促优,笃行致远 。

为了进一步增强和规范办学行为,提高办学质量,更好地增进学校教育事业康健一连生长,周全提升学校教育教学质量水平,3月4日下战书,中原区教育局年检事情组一行莅临我校,对我校一年以来的办学情形举行周全的评估和指导 。我校初中部校长、小学部校长及各学部相关认真人等一同陪同督导检查 。

Annual inspection promotes excellence and steadfastly strives for excellence.

In order to further strengthen and standardize the behavior of running schools, improve the quality of education, better promote the healthy and sustainable development of school education, comprehensively improve the quality of school education and teaching, on the afternoon of March 4th, the annual inspection working group of the Central Plains District Education Bureau visited our school to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and guidance on the school’s running situation over the past year. the principal of our junior high school department, the principal of our elementary school department, and relevant officials from each department accompanied the supervision and inspection.

贵在行动 精在规范

随后年检事情组围绕学校教育教学历程中各项重点事情,比照检查指标系统,通过听取汇报、查阅资料、随机问答、实地审查等方法,对学校的党建事情、办学条件、师资步队、办学行为、职员配备、清静治理、财务治理等方面开展检查评估 。学校各学部相关认真人认真配合,与年检组向导逐一对接,充分相同,认真听取意见和建议 。

Subsequently, the annual inspection working group focused on various key tasks in the school’s education and teaching process, compared with the inspection index system, and conducted inspections and evaluations of the school’s party building work, educational conditions, teaching staff, educational behavior, personnel allocation, safety management, financial management, and other aspects through listening to reports, consulting materials, random Q&A, and on-site inspections. The responsible persons of each department of the school cooperate seriously, coordinate with the leaders of the annual inspection team one by one, communicate fully, and listen carefully to opinions and suggestions.

做在当下 落在实处

在年检总结反响阶段,年检事情组一致以为我校办学有目的、理念有引领、治理有偏向、生长有超前、发动有效果,对我校取得的效果给予了高度一定,同时也指出了我校保存的问题,并对我校的进一步提升提出了建设性的意见,对我校以后的事情起到很好的引领作用,我校将高度重视,连忙组织相关部分和职员举行认真剖析和整改 。

In the feedback stage of the annual inspection summary, the annual inspection working group unanimously agreed that our school has goals, guiding ideology, directional management, advanced development, and effective driving. They highly affirmed the achievements of our school and put forward constructive suggestions for further improvement, which played a good guiding role in our school’s future work, while also pointing out the problems that exist in our school. Our school will attach great importance to it and immediately organize relevant departments and personnel to conduct serious analysis and rectification.

任重道远须奋蹄,风疾潮涌好扬帆 。

年检事情,既是对学校周全事情的督查和校阅,也为学校一直规范化、质量化、特色化的一连生长提供了优异契机 。我校将一直深化治理、提升内在,稳抓办学质量,增进自我生长,坚定前行偏向,凝聚奋进实力,办妥让学生神往、家长认可、社会知足的学校,不负学生,不负教育,不负使命!

The task is heavy and the road is long, and one must forge ahead. When the wind is swift and the tide surges, one can set sail.

The annual inspection work not only supervises and reviews the education and teaching work of schools, but also provides a good opportunity for the continuous development of schools in terms of standardization, quality, and characteristics. Our school will continue to deepen management, enhance content, stabilize the quality of education, promote self-development, strengthen the direction of progress, gather the strength of progress, and run a school that students aspire to, parents recognize, and society is satisfied with. We will not disappoint students, education, or mission!

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