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The culture praises thousands of years, and the character and spirit are forever passed down. Classic literary works are brilliant pearls in the cultural treasure trove and great spiritual wealth of humanity. In order to promote the excellent traditional culture of the motherland, enhance the cultural literacy of students, stimulate their interest in learning, and create a campus with a scholarly and poetic atmosphere, the Chinese language group of the high school department organized and planned a high school classic interpretation competition on November 27th. Students carefully studied the classics and presented a series of wonderful performances!


The competition kicked off with a melodious violin performance.



In ancient times, musical instrument, chess, calligraphy, painting, blowing, playing, and singing were not professional skills, but essential skills for literati. In modern times, our beloved Premier Zhou and the famous Hongyi master Li Shutong have also actively performed on stage.


In modern times, the country has put forward the educational concept of “five educations and comprehensive development”, but in many cases, this concept has not been well implemented in many schools. Now at our Cstar City Forest School, with the initiative and guidance of the Chinese language teaching and research group, and the active cooperation and rehearsal of our classmates,today, we are finally going to put this educational theory into practice. This is a brave attempt by our school and a good start for the diversification of Chinese language education in our school. Moreover, according to teaching psychology, knowledge that you have personally experienced and deduced is more easily grasped deeply and flexibly. So, in terms of this performance, regardless of its outcome, we have already set a precedent, and every student participating in it will benefit from it.


I watched our program in advance, and the content and format were very rich, which made me marvel at the creativity of the teachers and classmates. From the program list, it can be seen that our Cstar City Forest School is a place where dragons and tigers hide. I have reasons to believe that our upcoming official performance will be more shocking than when I watch the program. Wish this exhibition a great success!


Amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the classmates, the crosstalk “Poetry Meeting” took the lead on stage. The tacit cooperation between the comedians, the ultra long dialogue, and the uninterrupted connection of poetry on and off stage allowed the students to revisit classic poetry in a joyful atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of every word in poetry.

话剧的演出更是富厚多彩,有取自课本名篇的《荆轲刺秦王》《雷雨》,有将名著重新改编演绎的《三国新编》《三打白骨精》《家》等。《花木兰》话剧演出时,同砚们运用河南方言演绎,并用一段精彩的 ;ㄇ谷梦颐歉惺艿侥纠嫉挠⒆遂。同砚们将台词改得既贴合人物又富有时代特色,在欢声笑语中品味文化魅力。

The performance of the play is even more colorful, with works such as “Jingke Assassination of the Qin King” and “Thunderstorm” taken from famous textbooks, as well as adaptations of famous works such as “New Compilation of the Three Kingdoms”, “Three Strikes at the White Bone Spirit”, and “Home”. During the performance of the play “Mulan”, the students used Henan dialect to perform and performed an exciting scene of playing with a flower gun, allowing us to feel Mulan’s heroic spirit. The students changed their lines to be both in line with the characters and rich in the characteristics of the times, savoring cultural charm through laughter and joy.


The programs “Blue and White Porcelain”, “Red Ling”, “Cinderella”, and others showcased the students’ rich talents. The beautiful singing and charming typhoon allowed their thoughts to flow in the ancient elegant and leisurely atmosphere.


In recitation programs such as “Short Songs”, “Going to Drink”, “Farewell to Kangqiao”, and “Jiawu”, students played the cultural chapter of the new era with their own voices. They used their voices to convey cultural missions and seek answers.



Dear students and teachers, hello everyone! I was commissioned by Teacher Xie Jin and the high school Chinese language group to give a brief review of this classic interpretation competition.


Today, all the students showed us a wonderful performance. making our stage full of vitality and exceptionally beautiful. I suggest we give a round of applause for our wonderful presentation! The past three hours have left us pleasantly surprised. Classmates present the most beautiful words, moving notes, wonderful songs and dances, and sincere emotions in the world to us, and in their own way, they have made new annotations on the classics.


1. 演绎的作品大多出自我们的课本或读本,十分经典。由于熟悉,以是格外感人,台上台下协调互动,感人至深。将进酒、长恨歌、雷雨、再别康桥等等这些作品耳熟能详,深入骨髓,曾熏染、作育、成绩了一代代中国人,是真正的中国元素、中国符号,今天经典演绎就是传承中国文化,意义重大,影响深远。

1.Most of the works performed are from our textbooks or reading materials, which are very classic. Because of familiarity, it is particularly moving, with harmonious interaction on and off stage, deeply moving. The works of “Drinking, Song of Everlasting Sorrow, Thunderstorm, Farewell to Cambridge,” and so on, are well-known and deeply ingrained in the bone marrow. They have infected, cultivated, and accomplished generations of Chinese people, and are truly Chinese elements and symbols. Today’s classic interpretation is to inherit Chinese culture, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence.

2. 用别样的形式诠释经典,时代色彩浓重。吟诵、配乐、歌舞、话剧、课件等多种元素齐上阵,一切能想到的方法都用上了,对作品的诠释十分新颖,让人线人一新。各人有活力有激情,亦庄亦谐,收放自若,展示了best365体育入口中文版学子的风范。

2. Interpret classics in a unique form, with a strong sense of the times. Recitation, music, song and dance, drama, courseware, and other elements are all used together, and all possible ways are used. The interpretation of the work is very innovative and refreshing. Everyone is full of vitality and passion, both solemn and harmonious, and able to relax and unwind freely, showcasing the charm of Cstar students.


3. Large participation. The enthusiasm of the teachers and students for this event was high, and they made careful preparations. Many classes participated, showcasing the class’s style and adding a lot of color to the competition.

我提三点建议:一是要选主题简朴、明快的作品,较量好驾驭 ;二是要认真研读作品,重复推测作品的情绪、意境,有助于更深刻地诠释作品 ;三是不要让繁杂的形式去冲淡主题,或者一味追求形式新颖而偏离主题。大道至简,简朴质朴,自有感感人心的实力。例如,《甲午》《长恨歌》《再别康桥》就是用最质朴的情绪、最简朴的形式诠释作品,给我们留下了深刻的印象。虽然,我们在升华情绪、提炼心得方面仍有较大空问,在朗诵、演出技巧上也有待进一步提高。

I have three suggestions: first, choose works with simple and lively themes, which are easier to handle; secondly, it is necessary to carefully study the work, repeatedly ponder the emotions and artistic conception of the work, which helps to interpret the work more deeply; the third is not to let complex forms dilute the theme, or blindly pursue novelty in form and deviate from the theme. The main road is simple , with its own power to move people’s hearts. For example, “Jiawu”, “Song of Everlasting Sorrow”, and “Farewell to Kangqiao” are works that are interpreted with the simplest emotions and simplest forms, leaving a deep impression on us. Of course, we still have a lot of room for improvement in terms of sublimating emotions and extracting insights, and there is still room for further improvement in our recitation and performance skills.


Classmates, classics are eternal, they belong to youth, and they will influence you for a long time. I hope this classic performance will bring a craze for reading classics. I hope more students can listen to and perceive classics with a passionate heart. I hope this classic performance will promote our Chinese language learning. Finally, I wish everyone a poetic learning and a poetic life in Cstar Wish everyone health, happiness, and progress in learning! Thank you!


The successful conclusion of this event is inseparable from the careful preparation of the students and the careful organization and guidance of the teachers during this month. In the preparation process of the competition, students chose classic culture, determined the form of performance, choreographed and directed themselves, matched suitable clothing and music, designed exclusive stages, and the teachers and students of the Chinese language group went through multiple stages such as class selection, school level preliminary competition selection, and rehearsal, all of which put in tremendous effort. It is precisely because of the joint efforts of teachers and students that we are able to present such a wonderful classic performance competition, with continuous laughter and cheers during nearly 3 hours of activity!


The High School Chinese Curriculum Standards point out that the basic concept of the Chinese language subject should strengthen practicality and promote the transformation of students’ Chinese learning methods. Interpreting classics is a new learning method that allows students to understand its meaning in context, experience the joys and sorrows of characters firsthand, and share a feast of the integration of classical culture and modern civilization, savoring a unique and meaningful artistic chapter.


Classics from ancient and modern times, both in China and abroad, regardless of music, prose, or poetry, have no distinction between the roles of the north, the south, or the earth. I hope that students can continue to appreciate classics, inherit and promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, broaden their cultural horizons, enhance cultural awareness, and enhance their confidence in socialist culture with Chinese characteristics in their future studies.





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