【森林之声】浸润古板文化 绽放戏曲魅力——中原区2023戏曲进校园展演


为富厚学生校园生涯,提升学生对古板文化的相识,感受河南地方戏曲的韵味,11月17日下战书,best365体育入口中文版都会森林学校小学部开展戏曲进校园运动 。

In order to enrich students’ campus life, enhance their understanding of traditional culture, and experience the charm of local opera in Henan, on the afternoon of November 17th, Cstar City Forest School launched an activity of opera entering the campus.

优美悦耳的唱腔,富厚多彩的造型,栩栩如生的人物形象,跌荡升沉的故事情节,深受同砚们的接待,每一位同砚都被这美妙的艺术深深吸引,对演员们的精彩演出连连赞叹 。

The beautiful and melodious singing style, rich and colorful shapes, lifelike character images, and ups and downs of the story plot are deeply welcomed by students. Every student is deeply attracted by this wonderful art and cannot help but marvel at the excellent performance of the actors.

通过这次运动,森林学子接触到了富厚多样的戏曲文化,进一步作育了审美情趣,也提高对古板文化的明确和浏览水平 。接下来,我们会继续开展更多此类运动,增添校园运动的多样性,作育有中国心的天下公民 。

The aim is to promote traditional culture and inherit the essence of Chinese art. Through this event, the students were exposed to a rich and diverse culture of traditional Chinese opera, further cultivating their aesthetic taste and improving their understanding and appreciation of traditional culture. Next, we will continue to carry out more such activities, increase the diversity of campus activities, and cultivate global citizens with a Chinese heart.

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